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The Ministry plays a major role in European financial policy. It formulates and coordinates Germany’s positions on matters involving the budget and finances of the EU.

Europe Principles for the reform of EU fiscal rules

The next reform of the Stability and Growth Pact will be discussed at EU level in the coming months. The German government has agreed on principles for a reform of EU fiscal rules, which it will share as input for the discussions within the EU. You can download the principles here.

Download (pdf, 285KB) : Principles for the reform of EU fiscal rules

Europe Joint press conference on the Franco-German Economic and Financial Council

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner, his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire and German Economic Affairs Minister Robert Habeck gave press statements following the virtual Franco-German Economic and Financial Council.

More : Joint press conference on the Franco-German Economic and Financial Council

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Content-related sites

European Union

Monetary union

Approximately 337 million people in 19 EU countries use the euro as legal tender. The single currency is the most far-reaching outcome of European integration to date and benefits citizens, companies and EU member states.

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Economic union

The single market of the European Union is the world’s strongest economic area. Not only are EU citizens free to travel, live, study, work and shop in any member state, they can also do business and invest anywhere they like in the European Union.

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Banking union

The banking union is creating a common market for banking services. The banking union protects taxpayers by means of a single European banking supervision system and – in the event of a crisis – a single bank resolution mechanism.

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Customs union

For more than 50 years, the European customs union’s standardised system for the trade in goods has been ensuring that goods can circulate freely within the EU

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Capital markets union

The capital markets union will strengthen the European economy and promote capital market financing to complement bank-based loans. It is intended to deepen and expand the EU’s single market with regard to capital and financial services

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Digital financial markets union

Many digital innovations happen in the area of financial markets and can provide real added value for citizens in their daily lives.

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