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Who we are and what we do

You probably know that we are in charge of the federal budget as well as tax and fiscal policy. But we do much more than that. Our activities are more multifaceted than you might expect.

Budget and fiscal policy geared towards the future
Budget and fiscal policy geared towards the future

We are committed to fair taxation. We invest in the future. We provide financing for climate action. We work to enhance cohesion in Europe. All to ensure that Germany gets through hard times in good shape. Here’s an overview of what we do.

To manage the economy effectively, it is essential to look ahead. Only in this way is it possible to build the reserves that are necessary to respond adequately to crises and to invest in the future. We are making record levels of investment to modernise our country, advance the process of digitalisation, and expand the use of renewable energy. In this way, we are building the foundations for prosperity in a dynamically growing global economy and securing jobs that will last.

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Productive communities and a robust social welfare state play a crucial role in ensuring that government can perform its functions effectively. This has been especially evident during the coronavirus crisis. This is why fair taxation is so important. Everyone must pay their fair share to help finance government functions. This includes ensuring that taxpayers who earn a lot of money contribute more than low and middle income earners do. It also includes vigilant, consistent efforts to fight tax fraud, money laundering and undeclared work. We want to build a transparent and up-to-date tax system for the 21st century. Multinational corporations too must pay their fair share to help finance public goods.

Germany’s Climate Action Programme 2030 is taking targeted, decisive measures to support green transformation and to fight climate change. We are making investments that lay the groundwork for a carbon-neutral economy and society. To reach our climate targets, we are pressing forward with determination and fairness to achieve the climate-friendly transformation of our economy. This also means providing structural assistance and taking social equity measures to ensure that no one has to fend for themselves during this period of change.

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Strengthening the economic and monetary union will play a key role in enhancing European sovereignty. The pandemic has shown how important it is to ensure European solidarity and cohesion. This is crucial not just for Europe but also for Germany. In order to have a successful and stable economy, the EU needs a strong banking union, capital markets union and digital financial markets union – every single day, we work to achieve these goals.

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Our objectives

Ministry staff holding blue balloons Fair taxation
Ministry staff with yellow stars A stronger Europe
Ministry staff holding a blue rocket Investing in the future
Ministry staff holding a big globe Climate action

Ministry Infographic: A look inside the Finance Ministry

This in­fo­graph­ic pro­vides a unique in­sight in­to the Fi­nance Min­istry’s work.

Download (pdf, 208KB) : Infographic: A look inside the Finance Ministry

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Employment and training Working at the Finance Ministry (information in German)

We of­fer our staff flex­i­ble work­ing ar­range­ments and an en­vi­ron­ment that lets them re­alise their po­ten­tial – in one or more of our mul­ti­faceted pol­i­cy ar­eas.

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Minister and senior leadership Senior leadership

The Fed­er­al Min­is­ter of Fi­nance is re­spon­si­ble for Ger­many’s fis­cal, bud­get and tax pol­i­cy. The State Sec­re­taries help him car­ry out this cru­cial work.

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