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Fair taxation

Ministry staff holding blue balloons
Fair taxation Source:  Federal Ministry of Finance

An efficient social welfare state is not simply a given. It can function properly only if everyone makes an appropriate contribution to help finance public goods. For this reason, one of our top objectives is to ensure an equitable tax system.

This requires, among other things, taking even more forceful action against money laundering and tax fraud. Money laundering and tax fraud cause tax revenue losses that hurt everyone and undermine our sense of justice. This is why we have tightened anti-money laundering legislation and enhanced the powers of the customs administration – especially the financial intelligence unit, which is housed at the customs administration and is responsible for countering money laundering activity.

We also want to ensure fair competition and fair working conditions, with no tolerance for undeclared work and money laundering.

We need new tax policies at the international level as well. Our objective is to achieve a global tax system that is adapted to the realities of the 21st century. Multinational corporations should also pay their fair share of taxes. To this end, we advocate new international rules to tax the digital economy. We also favour the introduction of a global minimum tax, which would provide an effective tool to counteract the unfair tax tricks used by major corporations.

Our policies:

  • Make the tax system more equitable
  • Fight tax evasion and tax fraud more effectively
  • Put fair international rules in place